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American freestyle judo/jiu-jitsu

Freestyle Judo/Jiu-Jitsu is a complete adult program utilizing 10 essential concepts in order to bring about an individuals inner athlete as well as inspire the ability to navigate all of our every day life challenges. Course encapsulates all ranges of sport grappling as well as our Natural Reaction Self-Defense System


SWEEP (timing)

REAP (uprooting)

THROW (leveraging)

SHOOTING (overwhelming)

FREE PRACTICE (practical application)

SCRABBLE (agility)

POSITION (aggression control)

SUBMISSION (strategy)

ESCAPE (problem solving)

FLOW DRILLS (conditioning)

Class is challenging without being impossible, anyone (men and women) can participate in this course, class atmosphere is light hearted with an emphasis on attaining skill through fun yet challenging objectives. All fitness levels will find this course to be a great addition to there current fitness regimes as well as personal goals.